Anxiety as lockdown eases

Here in the UK lockdown and the Covid-19 restrictions are easing and life is starting to return to normal. We can now visit pubs and restaurants, many more people are back at work with the shops opening again and we can get our hair cut! For many, this is brilliant news but for others this is a time filled with anxiety and fear. After the threat of the virus and the restrictions of lockdown it can feel scary to be going out and about again. For many, it can feel like a sudden change which is overwhelming and anxiety inducing.

While there is still so much uncertainty ahead it’s important to give yourself credit for how much you have achieved already. You have survived huge changes and restrictions to our busy, modern lives. There are some easy self-care methods things to try to ease your anxiety. Including exercise, getting enough sleep, eating and drinking well. It’s also important to think about what is in and outside of your control. You can control how much news you watch, how much time you spend on social media, your approach to social distancing and washing your hands.

Also, remember that it’s not a race. You can pace yourself and build up your tolerance to going out and about and being around people again. You can also choose what you prioritise as restrictions ease. For me, I’m not rushing to the cinema but I am looking forward to going camping this summer. For you, you may prioritise going to work and getting your haircut. However, try to be aware if your anxiety is restricting the activities that you want to do. Vary your routine, try different shops if one makes you anxious, speak to work about whether you can change your shifts to avoid rush hour on public transport and find someone to talk to share your fears.

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