Resolutions or Refocus?

Have you started the New Year with a long list of resolutions? Or are you already sick of the New Year, New You pressure?

Self-care is important. So is looking after yourself. And the beginning of a new year is traditionally the time that we step this up. Whether we’ve overindulged over Christmas or let things slip towards the end of the year January is the time that we plan to lose weight and start a new exercise regime. In a way, society expects us to feel and act in this way. All the marketing, all the promotional offers, all the magazine articles are geared to us wanting to make a change.

Change is good if it’s approached sensibly. Change can be a good and positive thing. But if change is motivated by feelings of inadequacy, unhappiness or something we feel we ‘should’ be doing then it is dangerous. Trying to make change from a place of not feeling good enough is dangerous. Is the change manageable and achievable?

Photo by Sharosh Rajasekher on Unsplash

Not achieving your New Year’s Resolutions is easily done and can quickly affect your mental health. Monday 20th January is known as Blue Monday. It’s claimed that this day is the most depressing of the year as a result of the dark winter days, a lack of money after overspending at Christmas and people already giving up on their resolutions. Now, Blue Monday was invented by a travel company in 2005 hoping to boost sales of holidays and I take objection to this day as I know that every day has the capability to be a depressed day. But I do think that there is something in the fact that three weeks into the New Year people could be struggling with their resolutions and that could be affecting their mood, mindset and outlook. I love that the Samaritans have turned it into Brew Monday – can you use this day to have a good conversation over a drink and raise money for charity?

So how am I tackling the New Year? I’m trying to see this as a time of refocus not a time for a new me. I am refocusing on my business and the work that I want to do. I am refocusing on looking after my body and my mind by using my neglected gym membership to go to some exercise classes. I am refocusing on journaling to look after my mental health.

Happy New Year!

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